The Callisto Protocol aimed to enlist athletes to promote their upcoming game release.
Through research, we successfully connected them with eight athletes who received an exclusive sneak peek at the game. To elevate the content and differentiate it from typical "play-through" style videos, we devised the idea of interconnecting the athlete videos. Each athlete recorded a video offering words of advice and a hint of warning (considering it was a horror game) to the next player, not only setting them up for success but also forging unique connections between the athletes. This approach provided viewers with an engaging Easter egg hunt, as they pieced together the intertwining stories from all eight videos.
This content surpassed all other marketing initiatives for the game's release.
Responsibilities included initial concept, scripting, research and planning, directing, camera operation, and overseeing post-production.

Featuring Allen Lazard, Ceedee Lamb, Von Miller, Mark Ingram, George Kittle, Darren Waller, Darius Slay, and Boban.

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